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IT Self-Help Answer Management

Knowledge can't help you now
You need answers . . . and so do your people

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Let people ask questions in the context of their work

Give them short answers, not long documents, but let them drill to detail

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Automate getting answers from peopletickets, and documents

“Using Kaleo, we have been able to provide a 24/7 self-service experience to our SAP users and institutionalize our knowledge. This drove our support costs down by 70%. Our SAP users are happier and our support costs are lower – it’s been a real win for the business.”

Lori Nicholson
Head of Global Business Services

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Question Classification

Find out which questions are
being asked the most.

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Question Transformation

See how unique algorithms turn
unstructured ticket data into usable Q&A.

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Question Impact Analysis

Realize how just a handful of
questions cause most of your tickets.

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Call Deflection Potential

Understand which questions can
be answered with self-help.

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Cost Savings Forecast

Estimate your cost savings with
automated self-help.

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Next Steps

Plan exactly what you need to do to
implement real IT self-help.

Find answers seamlessly

Integrate with business apps such as ServiceNow, Cherwell, Remedy, chat, email and more to create an answer-base right within existing workflows.