Transforming the way organizations capture, curate and share knowledge.

Kaleo makes all of your employee know-how searchable and accessible anywhere, anytime.

It all starts with people

Kaleo understands that knowledge resides in your workforce, not search results.

Employees spend hours each day searching for information that oftentimes lives in siloed and archaic systems, only to come up empty or with an outdated answer. Kaleo empowers your network of knowledge experts to create a dynamic, living repository of knowledge.

A knowledge network based on questions and answers.

Questions asked in Kaleo return accurate, bite-sized answers curated by experts within your company. Since enterprise knowledge is often distributed across multiple data sources, knowledge workers can pull media from existing systems and add their expert commentary in real-time when answering questions.

Kaleo is accessible wherever your employees need it.

Kaleo is an on-demand service that lives within any platform your organization uses, so it’s right there when employees need it. Thanks to our standards-based API, it’s easy to connect Kaleo to any application, even on mobile.

Launching Kaleo is easy and quick – your knowledge network will grow organically.

traditional knowledge solutions Kaleo
% of content needed to launch 95% 5-10%
setup costs $$$$ $
launch time 12-18 months 3-4 weeks
rate of user engagement very low up to 10 times/day
% organic growth of knowledge 0% 95% in 4-6 months

Why Kaleo?

Stay competitive with rapid knowledge-sharing and higher employee productivity
Amplify the effectiveness and adoption rates of investments like Sharepoint, Box, SAP, Oracle and Salesforce
Unlock the potential of your employees with access to a platform that promotes an open and knowledge-centric interaction
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