Predictive Knowledge Sharing

Ask questions, get answers, share knowledge.

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Stored Knowledge

Only reaches 20% of your people

Frustrated that your investments in technology and resources go unused by your people? Only a fraction of them will bother to seek help, the rest will wing it.

Predictive Knowledge Sharing

Engages your entire workforce

Kaleo connects people with the resources and expertise they need to make the most out of your business investments. For those who don’t seek help, we push answers to them even before they ask.


Get everyone on the same page

Sales Operation

"Kaleo helps us win deals by getting everyone using the resources and tools to provide real value to prospects"

Business Operations

"We are increasing revenue and reducing operations costs by adjusting faster to changes and better aligning our teams"

IT Operations

"We reduced the tickets coming into our help desk by using Kaleo. All the ‘how to’ questions are now handled by self-service."

Customers Testimonials

Kaleo is probably the greatest game changer that we've had since we've gone live in SAP, and we can't wait to do more.

Kaleo is a nice self-serve mechanism. It’s efficient and reduces user burden and margin for error.