Consumerize Your Knowledge Base

Drive self-help adoption by automatically providing bite-sized answers to trending questions.

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Does your knowledge base need to be consumerized?

Are most of your Tier 1 tickets 'how-to' questions?

Is your knowledge base unable to answer your 100 most frequently asked questions?

Is there out-of date or contradictory information in your knowledge base?

Do your knowledge articles contain answers to multiple questions?

Does it take longer than 8 seconds to find the article that answers a question?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you need to optimize your knowledge base content. It's time to call the experts!

How It's Done

Our best practice methodology helps improve your knowledge base by figuring out what questions users need answers to, then creating answers that are easy to find and consume.


IT tickets tell you what questions people have. We isolate the tickets that could have been avoided with self-help. These include 'how-tos,' and most other Tier 1 incidents. 


Trained machine learning classifiers use over 1000 ontologies to group self-helpable tickets by question. Groups are then ranked by volume to determine FAQs.


Trained classifiers from ticket analysis crawl your knowledge base for articles that relate to the FAQs. These documents are then broken down into consumable answer chunks. 


Answer chunks are manually checked for quality then connected to their associated FAQ. The questions and answers are now ready to be added to your knowledge base. 


Tickets are regularly monitored for repeat questions so your knowledge base can easily be kept current.

- How We Do It -

Our best practice methodology helps you eliminate repetitive support tickets by providing an optimized self-service knowledge base.

1. Isolate

Isolate Self-Helpable Questions

  • Tickets are semi-autonomously processed for indicators that they could have been resolved with self-help. These include 'how-tos,' and most other Tier 1 questions.
2. Determine

Determine frequent questions

  • Over 1000 ontologies group tickets down to question level.
  • Ungrouped tickets are manually checked to see if additional ontologies are needed.
  • Analysts train ontology classifiers to classify tickets with high accuracy.
  • Classified ticket groups are ranked by volume.
3. Chunk

Chunk documents

  • Trained classifiers from ticket analysis crawl your knowledge base and find relevant documents.
  • Outdated content is manually disregarded.
  • Documents are chunked so they answer single questions.
4. Connect

Connect questions to answers

  • Chunked documents are connected directly to associated FAQs
  • All question and answer pairings are validated for quality.
5. Monitor

Monitor for continuous improvement

  • Connect Kaleo directly to your ITSM platform via API.
  • Tickets are regularly checked for repeat questions.
  • Your knowledge base is kept up-to-date with current and relevant answers to frequent questions.

IT Tickets Tell You Where You Need Help

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"The answers you get from Kaleo are better than the answers you would get from calling support"

Lori Nicholson
EVP Global Business Services – Viacom

Need to get more people using self-service?

Use the Kaleo API to deliver self-service content in the applications employees use most. We'll help you create an environment where current, relevant, and accurate answers are always a click away!

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Push self-service content to where your people are...

Ask us about our access points and integrations. We have an API that can promote self-help content in the applications your employees use most!


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