Content Cleansing for Knowledge Bases

Drive self-help adoption by providing bite-sized answers instead of knowledge articles

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Is your knowledge base in need of a cleansing?

  • Are many of the tickets sent to Tier 1 Support 'how-to' questions?

  • Can your knowledge base not answer your 100 most frequently asked questions?

  • Is there out-of date or contradictory information in your knowledge base?

  • Do your knowledge articles contain answers to multiple questions?

  • Does it take longer than 8 seconds to find the article that answers a question?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, a content cleanse is in order. It's time to call the experts!

How We Do It

Our best practice methodology helps you eliminate repetitive support tickets by providing a consumerized self-service knowledge base.

1. Isolate

Isolate Self-Helpable Questions

  • Tickets are semi-autonomously processed for indicators that they could have been resolved with self-help. These include 'how-tos,' and most other Tier 1 questions.

2. Determine

Determine frequent questions

  • Over 1000 ontologies group tickets down to question level.
  • Ungrouped tickets are manually checked to see if additional ontologies are needed.
  • Analysts train ontology classifiers to classify tickets with high accuracy.
  • Classified ticket groups are ranked by volume.

3. Chunk

Chunk documents

  • Trained classifiers from ticket analysis crawl your knowledge base and find relevant documents.
  • Outdated content is manually disregarded.
  • Documents are chunked so they answer single questions.

4. Connect

Connect questions to answers

  • Chunked documents are connected directly to associated FAQs
  • All question and answer pairings are validated for quality.

5. Monitor

Monitor for continuous improvement

  • Connect Kaleo directly to your ITSM platform via API.
  • Tickets are regularly checked for repeat questions.
  • Your knowledge base is kept up-to-date with current and relevant answers to frequent questions.

Push self-service content to where your people are...

Ask us about our access points and integrations. We have an API that can promote self-help content in the applications your employees use most!


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