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Self-Service and Good User Experience: Not a “Field of Dreams”


72% of companies say improving customer experience is their top priority, and modernizing self-service is a top strategy. To understand why self-service is so important and how to improve it, you need to envision it from the user’s perspective. Take Yourself Back a Few Years… You’ve just graduated college. You have a mountain of student…

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What’s Answer Management, and Why Should I Care?


Knowledge Management Pitfalls The shortcomings of Knowledge Management are key to Answer Management. Knowledge Management has been an enterprise pursuit for two decades. Its goal is to create a process for “capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge.”  The benefits are huge. It creates an asset of preserved intellectual capital with the potential to improve business…

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Enterprise Chatbots: What We Know, and How We’ll Act

enterprise chatbots user experience

Enterprise chatbots are coming. There will be winners and losers among adopters. Some will be suckered into half-functioning products that harm their IT brands, but not us. We understand artificial intelligence, and what today’s capabilities are. We’ll get there, but timing is everything. There are two important distinctions in how chatbots are approached… Retrieval-based vs.…

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