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How to Automate Knowledge-Centered Support and Triple the Benefits

Challenges of KCS Knowledge-centered support (KCS) has been around since 1992. It can help you resolve incidents faster, optimize your resources, and enable a real self-service strategy. It’s a good idea. Every support organization is being asked to grow at a slower rate than their customer base. KCS is a great way to keep pace,…

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Self-Service and the Curse of Knowledge

Curse of Knowledge

Tourist Problems An American couple sits at a Paris café to order lunch. The salad looks good, so they order that…but then something happens. “Oh, and we’d like some ranch dressing please.” The waiter looks at them confused.   They repeat. “Ranch dressing.” He’s still confused… probably thinking, Ranch dressing? – Dressing that comes from…

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Improve Self-Service Adoption with this Simple Hack

Self-Service Hack

Employees don’t like using self-service. They pick up the phone and call for help instead. But what if you’re rolling out new software, and can’t afford for everyone to constantly be calling support? You’ve spent a lot of money training people, but they still have questions. You need to get them to help themselves and…

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