Case Studies

With media networks reaching approximately 700 million global subscribers, Viacom is home to the world's premier entertainment brands across television, motion picture, online and mobile platforms in over 160 countries and territories.

Prior to Kaleo, Viacom implemented SAP, which changed the way the business handled its procurement process. Shortly after rollout, end users became frustrated by the new tool, causing spikes in support costs and overall low adoption. Viacom quickly realized that its support infrastructure wasn't scalable due to cost, and began searching for ways to allow SAP users to help themselves.

Viacom turned to Kaleo for its integrated application support solution, allowing SAP users to ask questions and get answers right within SAP. Immediately, Viacom saw an increase in SAP user adoption, but didn't have to increase its support staff because of Kaleo's scalability. In fact, the adoption of Kaleo for support was so high that calls to the call center decreased by 82%, allowing Viacom to turn off phone support within 3 months. Viacom also uses Kaleo for HR, Learning & Development and Business Intelligence.

Topgolf operates 29 venues worldwide, employs more than 10,000 Associates and serves 13 million guests annually. Topgolf can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels, and the microchipped golf balls score themselves, providing players with instant feedback on each shot's accuracy and distance. Each Topgolf venue features climate-controlled hitting bays for year-round play, food, beverage, music and hundreds of HDTVs.

Topgolf was facing challenges around finding documentation in their existing repositories. They needed a way to give their associates quick access to important information without having to rely on other associates. With Kaleo, Topgolf was able to create an answer base around new technology systems that were being implemented to improve business, and find trends in frequently asked questions to help them identify areas where they could improve training.

Fox Networks Group is 21st Century Fox's primary operating unit for TV and Cable. It produces and distributes 300+ entertainment, sports, factual and movie channels in 45 languages.

Fox Networks Group was looking for a way to deflect calls from their IT team as well as share knowledge internally to provide better support to their end users. With Kaleo, they were able to deflect calls to self-help and streamline communication and knowledge sharing within their three-tiered support team. Kaleo is also used for HR, Payroll, Sales, Acquisitions and more, and continues to expand within Fox Networks Group and into their partner companies.

One of the Nation's leading homebuilders providing homes for first-time, move-up, luxury, urban and active adult buyers. Lennar was founded in 1954 in Miami, Florida and currently builds in 19 states and more than 44 markets across the Nation.

Lennar was looking for a way to provide answers to their IT service desk support agents so that they could efficiently close tickets without escalation. Overtime, their answer base would grow organically and they'd roll out an answer base for end users so that they could help themselves. Concurrently, Lennar was experiencing rapid growth and needed a tool that would help them leverage their CRM trainers to train new employees more efficiently. Later on, Lennar implemented a new CRM tool, Salesforce, and wanted to be proactive about providing answers and support around the new tool. In order to deflect calls into the service desk and provide immediate answers to end users, they integrated Kaleo into Salesforce so that users didn't need to leave the tool in order to get the support they needed.

GT Nexus, is a privately owned cloud supply chain platform, running an on-demand global supply chain management platform that is used by organizations to manage global logistics and trade processes. Today, GT Nexus is the developer and operator of the largest cloud supply chain platform of its kind.

GT Nexus was looking for a way to enable their sales team to share best practices, gain insight on client success stories and have a good understanding of their internal sales processes. Additionally, GT Nexus was acquired by Infor in 2015, and they needed a way to share information pre and post-acquisition.

Toyota Financial Services covers more than 30 countries and regions, including Japan. TFS has constructed a global network that covers approximately 90% of the markets in which Toyota sells its vehicles. Mainly concentrated on auto loans, leases and Toyota dealer floorplan requirements, TFS provides auto sales financing to approximately 5.4 million customers.

Toyota Financial Services (TFS) was moving their headquarters from Torrance, CA to Plano, TX and expected to lose many of their existing employees. With that sort of attrition, TFS needed a way to capture the tribal knowledge amongst their existing employees before it would be lost. Overall, Toyota executives realized that TFS needed a better way to handle knowledge management, and decided to pursue a solution that they could implement across all business units to help new employees learn faster and more efficiently.

With nearly two decades of experience delivering hybrid IT infrastructure, colocation services, cloud solutions and professional and managed services, ViaWest provides peace of mind to enterprise and web-centric organizations by building and managing infrastructures that support their security, compliance and business requirements.

Prior to Kaleo, ViaWest support agents were submitting cadence tickets whenever they needed help. This was an inefficient process due to SME/Engineer resource constraints and long response times. Kaleo was brought in to improve the knowledge sharing between the support agents and the SMEs. Kaleo was also needed for analytics, to determine the relevancy of articles and ID high frequency articles, so training could be developed around those topics.

As the largest maker of vegetable oil-based products in the U.S., Ventura Foods exceeds $2.5 billion in revenue and produces over three billion pounds of finished goods each year. Ventura Foods is a leading national manufacturer and marketer of branded and custom made shortenings, oils, dressings, mayonnaises, sauces, margarines, culinary bases and pan coatings for the foodservice, retail and ingredient manufacturing industries.

Ventura Foods was struggling with how to best capture, learn from and retain the collective knowledge of the organization as it grew and underwent organizational change. The challenge was amplified when they rolled out JD Edwards across a dozen manufacturing facilities across the nation. Their objective was to allow end users to quickly find answers to business, process, policy and JDE "how to" questions, making sure that their facilities managers would not be overwhelmed and overburdened with answering these questions during roll-out. Ventura Foods also uses Kaleo for IT to deflect calls to their IT service desk.