Client Support

Solve Client Issues 1 Day Faster

Searching for information consumes 19 percent of your client support team’s work week, according to the McKinsey Global Institute’s “The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies.” That’s 7.6 hours of a 40-hour work week. How much faster could your teams resolve customer questions and issues if those 7.6 hours were freed up?…

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Why Wikis Don’t Cut it Anymore

Challenges of KCS Knowledge-centered support (KCS) has been around since 1992. It can help you resolve incidents faster, optimize your resources, and enable a real self-service strategy. It’s a good idea. Every support organization is being asked to grow at a slower rate than their customer base. KCS is a great way to keep pace,…

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Webinar – New Hires Useful Day 1!

See the webinar below: 28:35 72% of companies say improving customer experience is their top priority, and modernizing self-service is a top strategy. To understand why self-service is so important and how to improve it, you need to envision it from the user’s perspective. Take Yourself Back a Few Years… You’ve just graduated college. You…

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