Can't find what you need at work?

Ask questions, get answers. It's that simple.


Find things fast

Searching for stuff at work is painful. With Kaleo, you’ll centralize knowledge by making everything accessible via one simple search bar. Ask a question to surface expert knowledge and related documents instantly.

Universal Search Bar
Expert Know-How

Leverage your people

Always knowing who can answer your question is tough. Often time, the best person to help is someone you’ve never met. Kaleo syncs people up with the expertise they’re looking for so that pressing questions get helpful, accurate answers.

Stop throwing away money

When time is money, the last thing you want are knowledge roadblocks. Kaleo answers questions right away so you don’t have to go through formal support. Both you and the support team will save time and be more productive.

Save Money

Lori Nicholson
EVP, Global Business Services

“Within three weeks, we were able to turn off email and phone support, and relied 100% on Kaleo for SAP support.”

David Berry lululemon

Dave Berry
Chief Information Officer
lululemon athletica

"Kaleo is an IT support game changer."

kate walker

Kate Walker
Systems Design & Communications Manager, TopGolf

“Kaleo is helping me achieve my vision of providing the right information to the right Associates at the right time.”

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