Answer Management

Automate self-help across the entire enterprise.

Improve Self-Service Adoption with this Simple Hack

Interview with Kaleo's CEO

See how passionate we are about using machine learning and natural language understanding to automate the process of delivering answers.

Viacom Case Study

Discover how Viacom lowered their support costs by 70% and eliminated email and phone support within the first 3 months!

Answer Management

Automate self-help across the entire enterprise.



Let people ask questions where they work



Give them short answers - not long documents



Automate the process of getting answers

Kaleo delivers answers within your existing tools

(No new interface for your users to learn)

Kaleo for IT

Knowledge can't help you now. You need answers!

  • Deflect repetitive questions away from the service desk
  • Deliver the answers that your business users are looking for
  • Do it all without writing another knowledge article

Kaleo for HR

Let employees get answers without bombarding HR

  • Understand the questions that impact your HR team the most
  • Provide your employees with self-help that actually works
  • Automatically create an HR answer base

Kaleo for Sales

Give your sales reps the tools they need to close deals

  • Give reps the information and tools they need to be successful
  • Capture and share best practices amongst the sales team
  • Reduce mistakes and time wasted searching for resources
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“Within three weeks, we were able to turn off
email and phone support, and relied 100% on
Kaleo for SAP support.”

Lori Nicholson
EVP, Global Business Services