Increasing Employee Productivity with an Enterprise Knowledge Network

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Go ahead and throw entire day of productivity out

How much employee productivity is lost each day as employees:

  • Submit a help desk ticket and then wait for front-line support staff to escalate and delegate their ticket to the appropriate personnel?
  • Search through page after page of their employee manuals to find the single paragraph that might help?
  • Click through extensive online wikis and resources that don’t quite answer the question?

The search for information consumes 19 percent of the typical employee’s workweek, according to the McKinsey Global Institute’s “The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies.” That’s 7.6 hours of a 40-hour workweek. How much more meaningful work could employees complete in a week if those 7.6 hours were freed up?

And on the support side of the organization, how much employee productivity is wasted on repeatedly answering the same question, or on spending months creating resource libraries that have no value until the project is complete?

From CRM, ERP, and HRIS to project management and collaboration applications, a plethora of tools exist to enable the success of the modern enterprise, and today’s workforce is expected to know how to use those tools. But not every employee is an expert, and the non-experts often have questions that must be answered before they can complete their tasks. Unfortunately, the experts aren’t always around to answer those questions, and sometimes the non-experts don’t know who to ask.

A disconnect between knowledge need and availability 

This disconnect between knowledge needs and knowledge availability can become a serious limitation to an organization looking to maximize employee productivity and maintain its competitive edge. Traditional enterprise knowledge management systems typically fall short in providing the right answers at the right times.

What if employees had a space, tightly integrated into the enterprise software they already use, that contained a searchable knowledge base of previously asked questions and answers, and a way to ask new questions for the organization’s experts to answer? Within the organization, any given question would only have to be answered once. After that, the answer would be available to anyone else with the same issue.

Providing bite-sized answers, instantly 

Relevant, actionable, bite-sized knowledge instead of pages upon pages of unnecessary information; instant answers instead of a long wait in a long queue. An enterprise knowledge network that leverages the expertise of its workforce accessibly and efficiently within the applications employees already use, accelerating the speed of information exchange and adding value from day one. An enterprise knowledge network powered in part by the cloud and mobile technologies that have already transformed enterprise workflows.

As a complement to traditional enterprise knowledge repositories, Kaleo provides a simple, easy way for employees to get the answers to the simple questions that arise in their day-to-day work lives. The typical enterprise employee wastes hours every week trying to find the answer to a question that someone else in the organization could answer in a minute. Kaleo removes the barriers between the worker with a question and the expert with an answer.

How much employee productivity could your organization save by providing employees with a knowledge network?

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