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IT Self-Service Automation


IT self-help is a great concept, but it’s really hard to actually deliver. Nobody in IT wants to write knowledge articles (that may never be read) and nobody in the business wants to sift through knowledge articles in the hope that they can help themselves. Knowledge articles are not the solution.

Kaleo for IT automates the deflection of common IT questions to self-help - integrated with your service desk tool of choice.

Unlike traditional knowledge management, Kaleo delivers on an end user's need for fast, concise, relevant answers. And those answers are automatically extracted from documents and SME’s via modern Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding technology.

See how Kaleo lets you "shift left."

Key Features

Bite-Sized Answers

You have knowledge articles out there, but you're still getting lots of calls and tickets to the service desk. If your knowledge articles aren't "easy" (i.e., is hard to find, too lengthy or outdated), people won't bother with it. Kaleo's bite-sized answers are easy to create, find, read and update, creating a positive experience for everyone.

Content Transformation

You've spent plenty of of time creating the knowledge articles you already have, and we want to put it to good work. Kaleo's modern technology, which uses machine learning algorithms and natural language understanding, transforms your content into Q&A, forming an answer base that is specific to your business.

Machine Learning

Over time, the issues that come into your service desk fluctuate. That's why Kaleo uses machine learning to understand current trends, and suggest answers based on those trends. Roll out a new software or have a service outage? Kaleo will suggest answers to the affected users as they seek support.

SLAs and Escalations

When an answer needs to be provided, we make sure that we find that answer quickly to meet your SLAs. If an answer can't immediately be found within a knowledge article or closed tickets, Kaleo will route it to an SME. If that SME doesn't answer it in time, the question will get escalated to the next SME to ensure an answer is provided.

Actionable Insights

Successful self-service starts with understanding how and where self-service is working, along with where it's not and how to improve. Kaleo keeps track of every interaction and generates a dashboard of useful insights so that you can be aware of current and rising trends and always stay proactive.

Seamless Integrations

Your employees work in different places and have different preferences, which is why we provide answers right within all your existing tools. We have web, desktop, email and mobile solutions, and integrate seamlessly with your ITSM tools like ServiceNow, Cherwell, BMC and more. Our integrations are quick, easy and intuitive.

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