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Empower Your Sales Team


Your sales team is the lifeblood of your company, but when they need help to close a deal, they are left to rummage through SharePoint folders in the hope of finding something relevant, or frantically fire off emails in all directions asking for help. But neither of those approaches are going to ensure that your reps get what they need, or that what they get is accurate.

Kaleo for Sales gives your reps easy access to all the resources and expertise you’ve invested in but they can’t find. It helps increase the adoption of the tools and training you've given them, and makes all those resources available 24/7.

Kaleo for Sales will identify sales enablement gaps so you can invest in the right tools and training in the future.

See how Kaleo accelerates your sales cycles.

Key Features

Bite-Sized Answers

You have content out there, but you're sales reps can't find it or don't have the time to read it all. If your content isn't "easy" (i.e., is hard to find, too lengthy or outdated), your reps simply won't bother with it. Kaleo's bite-sized answers are easy to find, read and update, creating a positive experience for everyone.

Content Transformation

You've spent lots of time creating the sales content you already have, and we want to put it to good work. Kaleo's modern technology, which uses machine learning algorithms and natural language understanding, transforms your content into Q&A, forming an answer base that is specific to your sales organization.

Relevant Search

You have reps working in different regions and territories, so answers to questions might not always be the same. Kaleo syncs with your directory service in order to surface relevant answers based on who's asking and from what context. This means reps get what they need and don't need to waste time searching.

Quality Control

It's important to provide your sales reps with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible so that they can always be on the cutting edge. Kaleo's quality control features make it so that updating information is quick and easy. Features include expiry dates, rating, comments and flagging.

Mobile Application

Sales reps aren't always near their computers, as they're often busy traveling to client and prospect meetings. Kaleo's mobile app allows sales reps to access the information they need from anywhere at anytime, so that they don't have to be near their computer to get what they need.

Rich APIs

We know how important it is to live where people work. That's why we make sure our robust APIs allow you to drive Kaleo functionality from within your existing apps. We integrate seamlessly with CRM platforms like Salesforce, Chatter and more. Our integrations are quick, easy and intuitive.

Kaleo is proud to be selected as a
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