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Providing continuous Learning and Development (L&D) opportunities has many business advantages, like allowing employees to cultivate new or advance existing skills, understand the latest compliance measures and gain new insight in order to help solve important business challenges. However, traditional L&D courses are only effective if the information taught in the course is retained and applied on the job.

That’s where Kaleo’s microlearning environment comes in. Kaleo allows employees to learn in small, bite-sized chunks so that information is more easily retained – integrated with your Learning Management System (LMS) of choice and leveraging the existing content you already have.

Kaleo allows employees to ask questions during and after they’ve taken the course right in their flow of work, connecting them with subject matter experts who help them better understand elusive concepts and see on-the-job applicability. By enabling communication and collaboration both during training and even while engaged in a task, employees become more productive leveraging the course content in a “just in time”, engaging experience.

See how microlearning can improve your training initiatives.

Key Features


Employees are much more willing to read and engage with content that is shorter in nature. When content is lengthy, the tendency is to skim rather than read, meaning a lot of information is overlooked and does not get retained. Kaleo’s bite-sized content enables microlearning in moments of time so that employees can easily digest in context, enforcing retention by giving it applicability.

Content Transformation

The content for L&D courses has already been written, so all you need to do is optimize it for just in time delivery and an engaging user experience. Kaleo uses machine learning and natural language understanding algorithms to transform lengthy L&D content into small, bite-sized microcontent, allowing for a better, faster, and more meaningful training experience right off the bat.

Relevant Search

As employees navigate a training course, they have questions based on what the content that they’re currently reading. When employees go to ask a question, Kaleo knows where in the course they are and surfaces relevant answers to enhance the learning experience. Imagine how powerful this becomes when they are able to ask these same kinds of questions while they are doing their work.  They don’t have to navigate to some other destination to ask their question they can do it in context and in the flow of work.

Employee / Expert Communication

It’s normal to have questions while you’re learning. In a live classroom setting, students raise their hands in order to ask their questions, but what happens in a virtual L&D course? Rather than being limited to the content of the course, Kaleo allows employees to ask questions and get smart-routed to a subject matter expert for an answer. This allows for a collaborative learning environment, making information easier to remember.

Actionable Insights

It’s hard to know whether or not employees are actually learning during their L&D courses. By enabling Kaleo’s microlearning Q&A, you gain transparency into the real questions and challenges people have around training topics. This allows you to proactively fill in any training gaps so that employees are truly benefiting from their L&D courses.

Seamless Integrations

Your employees work in different places and have different preferences, which is why we integrate with all your existing business applications. We have web, desktop, email and mobile solutions, and integrate seamlessly with your LMS tools. Our integrations are quick, easy and intuitive.

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