How Knowledge Leak Wrecks Havoc on Your Bottom Line


Consider the brightest worker on your marketing team. She’s young, she’s driven and she’s talented. She learns quickly, and she pitches new, brilliant ideas every day. Your clients love her, and your managers think she’s a dream. But honestly, will an all-star like her be content in the same role for years to come? Not a chance.

Falling victim to knowledge leak

If you don’t leverage her intelligence immediately, she’ll take it with her to the next notch on her resume. Even if that position is internal, she’ll forget steps as she dashes to the top of the corporate ladder –meaning the crucial information she absorbed at the bottom will disappear in her rearview.

Millennial job hoppers, retiring baby boomers, complacent lifers, information hoarders, poor performers, overwhelmed managers – every one of your employees will fall victim to knowledge leak at some point.

Unfortunately, this is your loss — both in terms of cost (some companies estimate that losing high-caliber employees can cost millions) and “brain drain.” A loss in knowledge leads to a loss in innovation, andtechnology is leading to a bigger gap than ever before in what some workers know and what others don’t.

No matter what their role, your employees rely on organizational knowledge day in and day out. This means, you need an enterprise knowledge network that can effectively capture it.

Kaleo not only captures knowledge, but it stores it, preserves it and organizes it in a way that’s accessible, inexpensive and efficient. And most important, it minimizes the residual effects knowledge leak can have on your bottom line.

Here’s how:

  1. Info lives in a centralized repository. Organizations can save time, money and resources by creating an organized source of knowledge. Even better if the unified platform acts as an extension to your existing technologies, so you can find what you need, exactly when you need it. With Kaleo, employees can easily type keywords into a search bar, and pull up the correct answers from a variety of applications.
  2. Best practices live on. The sad fact is, attrition happens. But that doesn’t mean you – or your team members and customers – have to suffer because of it. Have your employees document repeatable processes within Kaleo by using multimedia components, such as webinar recordings or training manuals, which help clearly lay out step-by-step tasks for anyone to follow along. Gaps will begin to close once organizational intelligence lives in one convenient location.
  3. No more redundant questions. When subject-matter experts have to answer the same questions over and over and over again, they lose patience. They also lose time to vest in remembering all the elements that will help question askers absorb new details. By recruiting internal knowledge champions, you and your team can respond to new requests in real time, promoting a collaborative culture and capturing valuable information where everyone can find it.

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