Kaleo for IT is fully integrated with ServiceNow, bringing answers directly into the workflow for your service desk agents and end users.

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Automating self-help is simple! All you need to do is download Kaleo from the ServiceNow Store.

Integration Features

Self Service Portal Search

When an end-user performs a search in the portal, Kaleo answers relevant to the search terms are included in results so that they don't have to read through knowledge articles looking for an answer.

Email Notifications

Kaleo answers are included in email notifications at incident creation, providing links to relevant self-help — providing the end-user the opportunity to resolve their own issue more quickly, and deflecting work from IT.

Incident Comments

As users click, view and navigate suggested Kaleo answers, comments are inserted into the incident record so agents know what the user has already read/tried, helping with first call closure, time to close and customer service.

Incident Close Notes

If Kaleo is successful in deflecting the call, a closed ticket is created and marked ‘closed by self-help.’ Close Notes are updated automatically with a log of the user’s activity in Kaleo.

Incident Stream

Kaleo pulls new incident data hourly for repeat-call analysis, so call-spike culprits are brought to light quickly, and new questions can be answered in real time to aid deflection.

Incident Forms

As a user fills out an incident form, Kaleo suggests answers relevant to the description in an attempt to solve the problem and deflect a service desk ticket.

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Demonstration Videos

Service Portal


Service Portal




Incident & Closure Notes


Incident & Closure Notes

David Berry lululemon

Dave Berry

CIO, lululemon athletica

"Kaleo is an IT support game changer. We’re on track to becoming a $4B company by 2020 and that kind of explosive growth puts a lot of pressure on IT people. The last thing we want for them is wasting time answering routine questions.

We needed a way to deflect common IT issues to self-help. Kaleo integrated into our ServiceNow platform, allowing us to leverage that investment and automate Tier-0 support."

Business Value

Self-Help Isn't Just an Option
It's an Expectation

With knowledge always readily at our fingertips, we’ve become used to Googling or YouTubing how to resolve our own problems fast. This isn’t just a preference in our personal lives; we expect the same at work.

Get Full Value From Your
Knowledge Articles

Writing knowledge articles takes a lot of time and resources, so it’s a shame when they aren’t being used. With Kaleo, you’ll get full value from your articles by having them transformed into Q&A that people will actually read.

You’re Spending $$$ on Problems
That Can Be Resolved by Self-Help

At an industry average of $16 per ticket, you’re spending big bucks on IT problems you’ve already addressed. Kaleo reduces cost by deflecting tickets and making self-help the preferred way to resolve a ticket.

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