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In our previous blog post we cover the reasons why after doing everything right to support your reps, your sales enablement strategy may still not give you the results you were expecting. Now, we cover simple solutions you can implement to take your sales enablement to the next level.

Designate Experts

Make sure reps have access to one single source of accurate answers. Sounds obvious? Sales workflows aren’t usually so straightforward.

Designate someone for each area of expertise. Bob for contracts, Heather for use cases, Leila for product — we at Kaleo have Bob, he’s an expert in helping sales teams succeed, and ping pong — You already have a team of experts, inside and outside the sales team, leverage their expertise for speed and accuracy.

It’s possible that your experts are already answering questions based on their knowledge. Making their expert roles official will benefit your entire sales team (and potentially your entire organization.)

Process + tools = Speed.

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.”
-Richard Whately

We won’t bore you with endless stats about why being there first counts for sales reps. Okay, maybe just this one: Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first (Source:

It’s not just about being there first, you also want to be relevant and accurate.

You need sales tools that help you achieve that. Sales tools, no matter how much reporting or fancy charts they give you, are not worth much if they’re not helping your reps close.

You’ve probably noticed that enterprise applications are looking more like consumer applications — they all have an “plug-and-play” sort of feel, and at the beginning they may seem like a brand new toy with all their features and integrations. In the long run, they could potentially hurt your business by acting as distractors or simply draining resources that could be better allocated elsewhere.

If you have the sales enablement process down (accurate and relevant) and align sales tools accordingly you will achieve supersonic speeds when getting back to prospects, accelerating the time to close.

Now, go sell something!

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