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Searching for information consumes 19 percent of your client support team’s work week, according to the McKinsey Global Institute’s “The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies.” That’s 7.6 hours of a 40-hour work week. How much faster could your teams resolve customer questions and issues if those 7.6 hours were freed up?

How much productivity is wasted on your higher tier teams repeatedly answering the same escalated question, or on trying to create a manual or run book for every client issue scenario?

Resolving client questions are delayed due to your support teams needing to:

  • Search through page after page of manuals to find the single paragraph that might help?
  • Click through extensive online wikis and resources that don’t quite answer the question?
  • Escalate a ticket and then wait for a resource constraint higher tier team to get back to you?

And most times that a similar issue was resolved with another client in the past but never documented.

There is a massive disconnect between the knowledge needed and availability 

This disconnect between knowledge needs and knowledge availability can become a serious limitation to a support team looking to offer the best client support. Traditional knowledge sharing methods typically fall short in providing the right answers at the right times.

What if your support team had a space, tightly integrated into the apps they already use, that contained a contextualized searchable knowledge base of previously asked client questions, issues and the answers? And if the answer wasn’t available the new client issue would automatically route to the right team to answer it? And what if when that higher level team answered the client question they would never have to answer that similar question for any other future client?

Providing bite-sized answers, instantly 

Kaleo provides a simple, easy way for your support team to get the answers to client questions at lightning speeds. The typical support employee wastes hours every week trying to find the answer to a question that someone else in the organization could answer in a minute. Kaleo removes the barriers between the worker with a question and the expert with an answer.

How much faster could your support teams answer client questions and issues if they could have all the answers in front of them?

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