Why Varying Work Styles Requires Technology for Collaboration

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Across your organization exists a delicate mix of introverts and extroverts, creative-types and project managers, millennials and baby-boomers, and knowledge seekers and knowledge owners. The one thing all of these workers have in common is their need to leverage each others specialized know-how at specific times to build value for your organization. All of these worker-types have varying communication styles but would benefit from a unified platform to exchange ideas and knowledge.

The roots of siloed knowledge

Lack of communication among teams either due to differences in communication styles, or simply due to geography,can lead to knowledge becoming siloed and cut-off from the larger organization which Forbes calls a growing concern for organizations of all sizes. When subject-matter experts keep important information to themselves and their direct teammates, knowledge gaps appear. Unsurprisingly, failure to collaborate across disciplines can cause major inefficiencies and dysfunctional processes.

It’s your job as their leader to bridge these gaps by implementing the appropriate tools for the job. Get them to speak the same language by implementing collaborative productivity tools that are easy to access no matter where they sit in the company, or what role they occupy.

Building a culture of sharing through technology 

A system that captures, curates, and shares knowledge across the organization creates a more productive workplace and a culture of sharing. Now more than ever, employees of all work styles and skill sets value quick answers to their questions. And when the information they need is outside their wheelhouse, they need an easy and reliable solution to help them find it.

An enterprise knowledge network like Kaleo layers on existing software applications and helps users quickly find the answers they are looking for while also capturing ongoing questions to continually build out an organic knowledge repository. It allows people in any department to answer and share specific knowledge within their silo to the larger organization, where others can easily search for it without having to track down the right subject-matter expert. You will organically build a collaborative work environment every time they input information into the system, saving your organization valuable time and money.

Implementing a unified communication platform like Kaleo breaks down barriers between teams, provides instant access to information that was previously siloed, and makes it easy for teams of all stripes and colors to effortlessly work together to build value for the organization.

Seamless collaboration is critical for unlocking the potential between individuals who need to share knowledge, and teams who need to leverage information to be successful.

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