Top 10 Reasons You Need Kaleo with SharePoint


If your organization uses SharePoint, chances are you’re not getting the most out of your investment.

SharePoint is a powerful platform that allows you to do a lot of things, and if you have already bought into the Microsoft ecosystem of apps, you’re already invested in using it and making it work. The basics of SharePoint are easy to master in one afternoon, however,  when it breaks, there’s often no easy way out. SharePoint is definitely here to stay, but with so many features there’s a lot to learn, and plenty of things that can go wrong.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should be using Kaleo to get the most out of SharePoint:

Predictively Share Knowledge

SharePoint is unique in that it is rarely purchased with any specific purpose in mind; it is most often bought bundled in with other products. Its main uses are around content management and collaboration. Kaleo is a Predictive Knowledge Sharing application with a specific purpose: Connecting people with the expert guidance and resources they need to get their jobs done.

Collaborate with a Purpose

Kaleo engages employees in collaboration with a purpose – to communicate facts, not opinions and ideas like Yammer. And these facts are critical to getting everyone on the same page. We memorialize expert answers, so everyone can leverage best practices and company-critical changes ripple through the organization like a virus.

Drive Adoption, Get Higher ROI

Your occasional users are overwhelmed and intimidated by the complexity of SharePoint. Kaleo reduces user frustration and makes it easier for your employees to get the most out of SharePoint by providing them with bite-sized tips and training materials to better navigate the platform and maximize your existing investment.

Eliminate Redundant Questions

Your SharePoint users, experts, and support teams are tired of answering the same questions over and over again. Kaleo helps to unify content created and shared, freeing up your experts to focus on strategy and solving more complex challenges.

Make Search Simple

SharePoint’s search returns a massive number of results – more choices equal more user confusion. Kaleo’s simple and intuitive search delivers fewer, more relevant results, allowing users to quickly find just what they are looking for and get back to work.

Form Data-Driven Decisions

Rich analytics in Kaleo provide a clear picture of what people are benefiting from or struggling with. Which questions are being asked most o en and what subjects are they asking about? Which answers are being viewed and what is the quality of those answers? Which experts are most active and in what topic areas? Where are the knowledge gaps and training opportunities? These are just some of the insights that lead to smarter training investment (and higher ROI).

Amplify Existing Resources

The content you’ve worked so hard to create can quickly get lost or become stale. With Kaleo, Q&A becomes a context layer for documents, enabling our search to bring your content to life again.

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

By leveraging your SharePoint power users and your existing content, you can better manage change stemming from upgrades, new workflows, and interfaces. Your users receive the information they need to quickly familiarize themselves with the new application.

Stop the Circulation of Stale Content

When your employees are referencing stale content buried within SharePoint, it puts them and the company at risk. Kaleo provides experts with friendly reminders when it’s time to re-validate previously shared information, so your team can rest assured that content is up-to-date and accurate.

Get Answers Inside Any Workflow

It’s difficult for people to remain focused on the task at hand when they have to drop what they are doing to look for information elsewhere. Kaleo’s in-app capabilities eliminate the need to navigate to another page or application, so employees can quickly get the answer they need from wherever they’re already working.

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